TYU - People We Meet


Do you see yourself pictured on this page?  Is the information correct?  Please send me an Email with corrections and updates about your travels. dlc@dlconway.com

Thomas Hula and Kathryn (?)

They are from Czechoslovakia.  Mark McGowan and I met them and shared a table with them at Komala Vilas in on Serangoon Road. 

Komala Vilas, Singapore


I didn't get her name but she was so much fun to photograph!

The Ascott, Singapore

A lady we met in Cambodia.  She is from Switzerland.  I do not know her name.  Maybe she will send it to me and tell us about her trip.

Les Mysteres D'Angkor, Siemreap, Cambodia 

I met this USA couple in Siem Reap Cambodia.  They had just arrived from a visit to Viet Nam.  Maybe they will send us their name and a synopsis of their adventures.

This is Michelle and Lars.  As best I remember Michelle is from the US and Lars is from Germany.  Michelle and Lars are on their honeymoon.

Les Mysteres D'Angkor, Siemreap, Cambodia