Mr. Mung (Tuan Khan Mung) is my good friend. He is studying Music at Singapore Bible College. Mr. Mung has pastored for many years in his home town. He hopes to teach music to his friends, colleagues, students, and community upon completion of his studies.

The information below is from Mr. Mung and is his way of introducing his family and community to you.

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My mother Zen Ngaih Cing has lived in my home town, Tonzang, her whole life.
My family.  From left to right, back row, my oldest daughter Cing San Paal, my wife Do Khen Cing, me, and my sister Awi Khan Dim.  On the front row is my mother holding my youngest daughter Cing Sian Len, and then my son Joseph Pau Sian Siam.
My mother Zen Ngaih Cing and my daughter Cing Sian Len.
My mother, me, my wife Do Khen Cing, and my daughter.
My oldest daugher Cing San Paal holding my youngest daughter Cing Sian Len, and then my son Joseph Pau Sian Siam.
My son Joseph.
My youngest daughter, my oldest daughter, my wife, and my son.

My neighbor Nupi, my youngest daughter and my mother.

From left to right.... My youngest daughter, my oldest daughter and my son;  and my nephews Nang Suan Kim, Mung Sian Khai, and Zam Lawh Nuam.

Cing Sian Len (my youngest daughter).
My daughter's friend is on the left.
I am with my son Joseph and my daughter Cing San Paal.  My Church is shown on the left (the large building).  My house is in the valley (the second house from the left).
Joseph and Cing San
This picture was taken in Singapore at a friend's home.  My friend Cin Sian Pau (front row left) was visiting from Myanmar.

My co-workers in the Baptist Association office.  From left to right is Cing Khan Lun, me, Cin Do Piang, Lian Za Huam, and Thang Khan Nang.

Cing Khan - Women's Fellowship Secretary
Me - Missions Secretary
Cin Do - General Secretary
Lian Za - Youth Secretary
Thang Khan - Head Clerk

My Church Officers.  I am in the middle front row.  I am wearing the black gown with the white/red rope.
The children on the right attend classes (Agape child care) at my church.  The teacher (Cin Nuam Niang) is on my left.
Same wonderful school kids.
Women's Department Leaders.
Children Singing in Church.
My town Tonzang is located in the center of the picture at the top of the mountain.

My church in Tonzang, Vial Nang Memorial Baptist Church (VMBC).  The church is named for the first ordained pastor from the Chin Tribe (my tribe).  Vial Nang was working with a missionary from the USA.  When the missionary returned to USA he passed his tasks to Vial Nang.

This picture is from my airplane window.  The land is located near the Kalay Myo.

I am leading worship in Church of Singapore.  This is the first church service I attended in Singapore.

Me leading the same worship service.

Another pretty picture from the plane.

Tonzang can be seen again (if you have really good eyesight) at the top of the mountain in the middle of the photo.

Singapore Bible College.  I will graduate with a Bachelor of Church Music (BCM) degree in 2006.

Celebrating a traditional Chin Tribe New Year's with my friends from Myanmar (in Singapore at Pasiris).

I am preaching the New Year sermon.

My wounded friend Khai Tawng, Pau Khat Suan, Cin Sian Pau, and me.

My class at Singapore Bible College.
My SBC class at International Baptist Church (IBC Singapore).
Just before my big performance at Singapore performing arts theater, The Esplanade!!  The Singapore Bible College (SBC) Choral Group was performing along with other choirs in Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 at the Esplanade with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.  This event was part of the Esplanade's Grand Opening Ceremony.