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TYU - Interesting Sights
Monkey grooming and petting a kitten
"CALL it the maternal instinct. The moment the small monkey saw the kitten under a tree on Bedok North Street 1, it sprang into action, carrying the kitten up a tree.  Curious residents gathered around the tree near Block 419 to watch, some concerned that the surrogate mother would drop its charge.  But the feline was in good hands.  It showed no fear and did not try to get away.  Rather it seemed to relish the close attention it was getting.  The monkey cradled it, kept it safe from circling crows, and even groomed it.  Talk of love at first sight.  At about 3 pm on Sunday when journalists from Shin Min Daily News left the scene, the unusual pair, there since morning, were still up in the tree."
"Here Kitty... Kitty..."

In many SE Asia public restrooms (toilets) hand towels are not provided. Air Dryers are often underpowered or do not work.

This is a safety message for the public.

There are two versions of toilet fixtures to accommodate cultural differences (Squat/flat toilets and more modern toilets). This public service message encourages people to use the facilities correctly. "Cross using" the toilets can leave them soiled for the next person.

Note the footprints on the seat in the picture with the red X.

A public service message that needs no further explanation.
How about some fish?!

A name or a personal comment? You decide...

I snapped this photo several years ago.  Recently the sign was changed and is no longer a target of discussion.