ABOUT David Conway

David Conway has a long history in Marketing and Information Technology. His career spans the 1980’s through current day. As a personal computer pioneer Mr. Conway has taught corporate classes in Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Graphics, and Introduction to computers.

Mr. Conway has also taught extended classes in university.

As a continuous entrepreneur, Mr. Conway has always looked forward to new and emerging opportunities. In the past fifteen years Mr. Conway has partnered with online sales of his own personal table manufacturing company, opened and operated a Day Trading company, operated a drop shipping company, and looked into e-Commerce businesses.

Although these companies and opportunities have produced results, none have been as successful as Affiliate Sales and Email Marketing. Mr. Conway is bringing Affiliate Sales and Email Marketing knowledge to the public to enhance awareness of these long term benefits:

1. Opportunity to learn a new and valuable trade
2. Opportunity to create a second income
3. Opportunity to create a new career during retirement years
4. Opportunity to create a strong income stream during college years